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The world's best-selling high-perfomance piston airplane

Safety first

"Cirrus leadership brought its accident rate to less than half the industry average". (c) AOPA Air Safety Institute.

Best-selling high-perfomance piston airplane

The record performance propelled Cirrus to a global fleet of more than 6,500 SR series aircraft in over 60 countries.

CAPS saves lives

Cirrus Airframe Parachute System® – the most significant safety innovation in over a half-century of general aviation.

Garmin Perspective+

Giving you an unparalleled level of communication technology at your fingertips, fully integrated into the Cirrus Perspective+ cockpit.

Cirrus Training in Florida



We offer professional training using the best airplane Cirrus SR-20 with Perspective and Avidyne avionics package in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale Executive airport.

What does it mean? First of all, Cirrus is not just a single-engine airplane. It’s a philosophy of flying more complex, more advanced avionics and safer airplane. Cirrus pay a lot of attention to procedures. Honestly, when flying Cirrus, you follow Standard Operation Procedures as a pilot of a big turbojet airplane. And this is cool because your flying skills and your proficiency jumps up to a completely new level.

Second and more important, Cirrus is equipped with very high performance, and not easy to use Garmin Perspective package. This avionics package is awesome and gives you a lot of features to make your life easy – only if you know how to use it. And Cirrus Transition course is exactly about that – how to use avionics and autopilot to make your flight safe and smooth.

And finally, CAPS (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System) is a unique feature available only for Cirrus aircraft (as a basic feature). CAPS is not only a parachute; this is a completely new approach to your mental processes. What does a “usual” pilot do in case of engine failure? He looks for a spot for emergency landing.  What does a Cirrus pilot do? He looks for a spot for safe landing and pulls the parachute whenever he is ready. It’s not so easy to have a habit to think about CAPS as a primary source of your safety. This is exactly what our course is about.

Fly Safe and go through Cirrus Transition Course before you start flying your first Cirrus. It can save your life.

Our fleet of Cirrus SR20 aircraft

Cirrus SR20 G6 Garmin Perspective+, 2018

Cirrus SR20 G6 Garmin Perspective+, 2018

Brand new aircraft, delivered April 2018. Garmin Perspective+ avionic package, air conditioner, autopilot. Available for rent and flight training.

Cirrus SR20 G2 Avidyne Entegra, 2006

Cirrus SR20 G2 Avidyne Entegra, 2006

Our best seller! Only $195 per hour (wet!).
Avidyne avionic package, autopilot DFC90. The best plane ever for beginners. Available for rent and flight training.

Cirrus SR20 G3 Garmin Perspective, 2011

Cirrus SR20 G3 Garmin Perspective, 2011

Great combination - price and quality. Garmin Perspective avionic package, autopilot and air conditioner. The best choice for rent and x-country travel. Available for rent and flight training.

Cirrus Training Programs

We offer professional training using the best airplane Cirrus SR-20 with Perspective avionics package.

Cirrus Intro Flight

This is the best way to understand Cirrus philosophy, figure out how CAPS works and saves lives, how Garmin Perspective avionics helps the pilot to manage all flight parameters, and finally – its, a joy to fly in the most advanced general aviation plane in the world!

Cirrus Transition Courses

Cirrus Transition Courses designed for Pilots who have experience in conventional airplanes and wants to move to Advanced Aircraft with the newest avionics package. Cirrus offers 2 programs: Transition Course for VFR pilots and Advanced Transition Course for IFR rated pilots.

Refresher Courses

Cirrus Aircraft training plan and syllabus require Pilots to go through refresher course every 90 days, as well as 6-month check. One of these 6-month checks can be done as an IPC (Instrument Proficiency Check). Do not lose the unique chance to stay tuned and maintain high proficiency level.

Full training programs

We also offer full programs on Cirrus. You can do Private Pilot program or Instrument course using amazing aircraft with advanced Garmin avionics.
You will learn the same as "usual" pilots but flying "unusual" aircraft which cares more about your safety than any other.

Pricing Tables

Cirrus Transition Course
  • Cirrus Online Course
  • 2 hours of ground training
  • CAPS training
  • 6 hours of flight training
Advanced Transition Course
$3,750VFR / IFR
  • Cirrus Online Course
  • Advanced Ground School
  • CAPS training
  • 8 hours of flight training
90-day Refresher course / IPC
$780every 90 days and 6 month
  • Cirrus Online Course
  • CAPS refresh training
  • 2 hours flight
  • Briefing / Debriefing
Avionics Differences course
$1,755Garmin Perspective
  • Cirrus Online Course
  • 2 hours ground school
  • 4 hours flight training
  • X-country


  • I worked for 5 years as Airbus 320 pilot in South America, now I became a business owner. For my business and personal trips, I decided to go with the SR20 as it offers a wide variety of safety features combined with great performance which makes me feel that I am actually flying an Airline Aircraft.

    I could have not chosen a better instructor than CSIP Andrey Borisevich. He is without a doubt one of the nicest instructors I have had throughout my career as a professional pilot. My cirrus transition training was a pleasurable training experience and I am very happy with the entire experience. This is without a doubt a world class instructor and I hope I will get to fly with him many more times to continue exploring the multiple features and capabilities offered by this exquisite flying machine that is the Cirrus SR20.

    Andrey, Thank you for your patience and dedication.

    Chris Viotti
    ATP A320 B737 TRI

    Chris Viotti
  • It's not just another plane, Cirrus really surprises me with all, from the book to the takeoff, the transition course is truly important, and the course with a CSIP is what makes it worthy! It's a Cirrus!

    Nicolas Pera, Private Pilot / Instrument

Our events

Cirrus Expedition 2017

Date: 2017-11-01

Client: Cirrus X-America Air Expedition

Skills: Air Expedition to Yellowstone / Yosemite

General Aviation is the best way to research and explore new countries and territories. 

We organize and support air travelers in the United States and all over the world. With our Cirrus SR-20, it's easy and very comfortable. 

One of these Air Expeditions happens in November 2017. Cirrus SR-20 with 3 crew members on board departure from KFXE (Fort Lauderdale Executive) early morning October 29, 2017 and return on November 10, 2017. 

In 10 days, we spent 49 hours in the sky, day and night time, VFR and IFR, snow and sun. We visited Yellowstone, Yosemite, Tahoe Lake, Las Vegas, Moab, Page. We crossed 15 states. 

Better to see this video than get an explanation of how great it was. Enjoy this trailer and expect the full movie soon!


Training Center Instructors

Andrey Borisevich

Andrey Borisevich

Certified Standardized Instructor Pilot

Andrey started his aviation career in 2006 as a private pilot. Then he started flying aerobatic on Yak-52 and became an aerobatic instructor in 2007.
In 2011 Andrey started flying helicopters. He got PPL(h) flying Robinson R44 and R66 and became Head of the Aviation expedition department in Russian Helicopter company "Heliport Moscow."
Since 2013 Andrey has flown in the US as a commercial pilot and became a flight instructor in 2016.
Now Andrey is assistant chief pilot, owner, and CEO of SkyEagle Aviation Academy.
Airline Transport Pilot, 4000 hours, 1500 as a flight instructor, Cirrus Standardized Instructor Pilot since November 2017.
Category and classes: airplane single and multi engine, rotorcraft helicopter, seaplane single engine.
Type ratings: Airbus 320 (PIC) and Learjet 60 (PIC).

Scott Leach

Scott Leach

Training Center Instructor
    Gregory Feiss

    Gregory Feiss

    Training Center Instructor

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