Video Cirrus Training



We offer professional training using the best airplane Cirrus SR-20 with Perspective and Avidyne avionics package in South Florida, Fort Lauderdale Executive airport.

What does it mean? First of all, Cirrus is not just a single-engine airplane. It’s a philosophy of flying more complex, more advanced avionics and safer airplane. Cirrus pay a lot of attention to procedures. Honestly, when flying Cirrus, you follow Standard Operation Procedures as a pilot of a big turbojet airplane. And this is cool because your flying skills and your proficiency jumps up to a completely new level.

Second and more important, Cirrus is equipped with very high performance, and not easy to use Garmin Perspective package. This avionics package is awesome and gives you a lot of features to make your life easy – only if you know how to use it. And Cirrus Transition course is exactly about that – how to use avionics and autopilot to make your flight safe and smooth.

And finally, CAPS (Cirrus Airframe Parachute System) is a unique feature available only for Cirrus aircraft (as a basic feature). CAPS is not only a parachute; this is a completely new approach to your mental processes. What does a “usual” pilot do in case of engine failure? He looks for a spot for emergency landing.  What does a Cirrus pilot do? He looks for a spot for safe landing and pulls the parachute whenever he is ready. It’s not so easy to have a habit to think about CAPS as a primary source of your safety. This is exactly what our course is about.

Fly Safe and go through Cirrus Transition Course before you start flying your first Cirrus. It can save your life.