Nicolas Pera, Cirrus Pilot

Congratulation Nicolas Pera!

  • January 12, 2018
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Congrats Nicolas Pera on completing Cirrus Advanced Transition Course! Nicolas did a very good job to achieve a great result. He has been flying as a Private Pilot for a couple of years. Recently he got his Instrument Rating at “SkyEagle Aviation Academy” and decided to rent Cirrus SR-20 from our fleet.

Together we covered all required topics starting from CAPS and airplane systems and concluding on x-country flight and automation usage. We had a great time flying over Everglades, doing VOD-DME-A coupled approach at Pahokee airport and ILS 9 at FXE (hands flying).

Now Nicolas can rent our beautiful Cirrus whenever he wants.

Great job, man, and safe flights!

Nicolas Pera, Cirrus Pilot

Nicolas Pera, Cirrus Pilot


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